Hey you…

> Putting a Feng Shui wealth corner cure in place and praying it will open the floodgates to prosperity

> Wanting money to flow more easily in your life

> Wanting to be able to stop worrying about how to bring in enough money

But the tricky thing is that money blocks aren’t always about money

And when that’s the case, money cures in your wealth corner won’t bring you the results you want

At least not in the volume you want

Sometimes you need to look somewhere else in your home to find and fix the root cause or real energy block

Think about it

If the root cause of your money block is around 

  • Negative family stories about money
  • Not trusting yourself to be responsible with money
  • Believing that you just aren’t good with $number$
  • Not believing that you’re worthy of having money
  • Or subtly thinking you don’t have the capacity to bring in enough money

Then then the real issue is deeper than money …

And you’ll need to go shake things up in the areas that are related to the real block — maybe it’s family … maybe it’s support … or maybe its a visibility issue. 

If you’re not getting the results you want from the Feng Shui cures you’ve put in place, you might just be looking in the wrong spot.  

Don’t be afraid to dig deeper and focus on an area you’ve previously ignored (hey, that’s a clue in itself!)

It can be hard to identify your own blocks and limiting beliefs especially around charged topics like money and wealth.

But one of my gifts is finding the real underlying challenge and knowing what subtle shifts and remedies will help to open up the flow.  

Reach out to me if you need help:)

Happy Feng Shui-ing!


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