Got lots to check off before the end of the year? Or maybe you’re just working on creating momentum for 2024?

It’s easier if you get the energy on your side to support you!

– you’ll feel energized, focused and confident to take the steps you need to

– there will be fewer distractions to pull you off track

– and you’ll be able to magnetize synchronicities and opportunities towards you without force

Yeah, Kerri. But how do I do that?!!

Here’s some of the ways I align the energies to support my goals.

1) I get my personal energy aligned first. That means taking a few moments, or an hour, or three(!) to get into the right mindset or flow. I meditate, move, go out in nature, or have coffee with a friend … I can accomplish so much more from that place of alignment, than when I press forward from a place of pressure and stress.

2) I regularly take time to get clear on my calendar and priorities. Just last week I took a good look at it all and culled events and projects that I know I can’t accomplish by the end of the year. Could I have gotten it done? Yes. But not while staying in alignment. Some things will have to wait and I’m not sad about it!

3) I regularly declutter. Yes. It seems like such. a. chore! But I know I’m clearing distractions and making space for what’s important. I’m very targeted, especially at this time of year … letting go or putting away unfinished projects, letting not-so-ideal clients go, and decluttering all the things that remind me of past failures. With this stuff out of the way, I’m less likely to get pulled off track by mindset wobbles!

4) I make my goals visible. They’re written on post-it notes on the mirror, in the car, on my screen-saver. I also have many physical objects that are infused with intentions and help keep me anchored to my big vision and what I’m calling in. Feng Shui ‘cures’ work because they help keep you in the energy of what you want:)

5) I’m working on making it more fun! Recently, I’ve been gamifying some of the more tedious parts of my work. These are steps I need to take to reach my goals, so why not make it fun? I’ll see how fast I can get something done, or I’ll pull and affirmation card to help me choose the next action I’ll take. When I’m having fun, everything flows with more ease and I attract much better outcomes overall.

6) Last, but certainly not least, I set up my surroundings so they remind me to show up in a place of ease. For me this is diffusing essential oils, playing music, keeping creative tools close by, and surrounding myself with comforting and supportive decor. It all helps me show up from a higher place.

So … Which of these steps can you implement to help you align with ease and flow as you wrap up the year? Take some time to implement that! It will set you ahead in the long run.

If you need my help with this, check out the options for 1:1 Feng Shui, or send me a message. I’m offering extended payment plans and a bonus on all my 1:1 packages. We can fast track your efforts in no time, and set you up for success by the end of the year!