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Feng Shui & Energy Clearing Packages

One Room

Every part of your home correlates with a part of your life AND every room has a hidden meaning that’s symbolic of some part of yourself.  When a room is challenging, neglected, or otherwise bothersome, it’s a clue that there is unrest in some part of yourself or your life. Making positive changes to the room is one way to create positive shift within you and your life!

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Full Home

The energy of your home impacts your mood, energy level and even how much money you make!  When you’re in a space that feels good, you feel good.  But when you’re in a space that doesn’t feel good it can distract and deplete you so that you can’t show up fully in all parts of life.  Making subtle changes to your space elevates the space and your personal vibe.  

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Annual Support

This elite package offers Feng Shui, Energy Clearing and Spiritual Support through out the year.  Kerri combines many modalities of support including Feng Shui, Energy Clearing, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Meditations, Moon Rituals, Monthly Coaching and more to support you in aligning with your highest potential to manifest your deepest aspirations.

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Other Opportunities to Connect

Feng Shui for Real Estate

Offering Feng Shui and energy clearing consulting to Realtors, Stagers, and home sellers, or for those who are building a new home.

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Online Classes and Membership

Get exclusive access to Kerri’s Feng Shui content library, signature online courses, and private Membership Circle.  Coming soon!

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Speaking Programs

Need a Keynote speaker, Panelist, Retreat Contributor or Podcast Guest?  Feng Shui is an impactful topic!  Your audience will leave with an empowering new view of their surroundings!

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With Kerri’s knowledge, loving support and guidance I was able to let go of the past and not only make room for the future but intentionally move energy to those areas of my life I wanted support in. She walked me through the process, step-by-step, provided practical suggestions, support and encouragement. She allowed me to choose my pace and was there for me through my emotional letting go. I am so grateful that Kerri showed up when she did. My life has shifted in many ways. My home is a beautiful haven that now supports me instead of draining me. Kerri has helped me create the space for the life I choose.
Carol Holman