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Onsite and Virtual Feng Shui and Energy Clearing



Virtual Feng Shui Packages

Feng Shui Strategy

Perfect for strategizing a personalized Feng Shui fix for   a specific life challenge, or to ask a targeted Feng Shui question about your space. 

$333 USD

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This package includes a 45-minute virtual Feng Shui session via Zoom. You’ll send me details of your space and goals and I’ll review them in advance. Then, during our call, we’ll create a strategy for solving an immediate Feng Shui challenge.  You’ll end the call with some simple but powerful steps to help you shift your situation. 

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Feng Shui for HOME

Feng Shui review for a standard-sized home. We’ll work together virtually over 6 months to make simple but powerful Feng Shui changes.

$1,299 USD

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Implement simple Feng Shui shifts that will get you back in alignment, loving your space and feeling more ease in all parts of life.

You’ll send me details of your space and goals so I can review it all in advance. Then, we’ll meet via zoom for an initial 90-minute Assessment call.

We’ll identify priorities for you and your space:  physical blocks to clear, new furniture arrangement options to put you in the best energy flow, and enhancements to help call energy where it’s needed.

You’ll receive your personalized bagua map and a room by room checklist to support you in making the changes.   Two follow-up calls are also included so we can review changes and discuss questions.  You’ll also have 6 months of  email support if more questions come up.  

Once booked, you’ll receive a Welcome Packet with instructions of how to prepare for your first session, including how to videotape and/or photograph your space and upload so I can review it in advance, and how to complete a pre-consultation intake form.

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Annual Feng Shui

We’ll work together through the year, to align the energy of your home with your changing priorities, goals and challenges.

$1,699 USD

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Shift the energy of your entire home with Feng Shui.  Make sure that the energy around you is supporting you through all the seasons of the year, and all your big priorities. We’ll focus on the biggest transformations for your home and life areas.

Your package includes 4 quarterly sessions via zoom to review what’s currently happening in your life and business, what big priorities are coming up, and the best Feng shui shifts to make sure your surroundings and the energy flow is aligned with and supporting your next steps.

Once booked, you’ll receive a Welcome Packet with instructions of how to prepare for your first session.

I’ll have everything I need in advance so that we can use our time to dig right into creating customized shifts to create ease and alleviate any challenges.

You’ll receive a personalized Feng Shui report, your floor plan and bagua map, and checklist to support the quarterly calls, and you’ll have email access in between sessions in case questions come up during the year.

Let’s make sure you, your goals, your business and your home are all in alignment and helping you reach your fullest potential.

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On-site Feng Shui and More

On-Site Feng Shui

Shift the energy of your entire home with an on-site Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Package for your home.  This package also includes 2 follow-up calls and 6 months of email support.  

Pricing starts at $1555 and is based on home size and proximity.   For complete details, set up a discovery call to review your situation. 

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Feng Shui for Real Estate

Offering Feng Shui and energy clearing consulting to Realtors, Stagers, and home sellers, or for those who are building a new home.

Pricing is based on the individual project requirements.  Let’s set up a call to discuss your specific Feng Shui/Energy Clearing needs.

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Speaking Programs

Need a Keynote speaker, Panelist, Retreat Contributor or Podcast Guest?  Kerri will engage your audience with the empowering and engaging topic of Feng Shui and the influence of our surroundings.  Email details about your program and speaker needs.  

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With Kerri’s knowledge, loving support and guidance I was able to let go of the past and not only make room for the future but intentionally move energy to those areas of my life I wanted support in. She walked me through the process, step-by-step, provided practical suggestions, support and encouragement. She allowed me to choose my pace and was there for me through my emotional letting go. I am so grateful that Kerri showed up when she did. My life has shifted in many ways. My home is a beautiful haven that now supports me instead of draining me. Kerri has helped me create the space for the life I choose.
Carol Holman