Your surroundings influence your personal energy, vitality and ability to show up fully in your life and in your business!

So, if you feel like you’re swimming upstream all the time, and everything is taking longer and more energy, it can be a sign that the energy flow of your space is not supporting you and your big dreams.

Here’s a few ways the energy can be slowing you down:

1.) There’s not enough chi – vital life-giving energy – getting into your home your workspace and to you! So there’s no flow to support the efforts that you’re putting out there. It’s taking more thinking and doing rather than flowing and allowing!

2.) Vital chi is not getting to ‘all the places’. Remember there are energy centers in each part of your home that are related to each part of your life … so if energy is not reaching all the places, some things in life or business will feel stuck or stagnant, or simply harder than they should.

3.) The way that you’re positioned within your surroundings could put you in harsh or unsupportive energies. This could be the reason for feeling tired, uninspired, anxious, unfocused, overwhelmed. On an unseen level, you are going against the flow, and it’s causing you to over think and over work with less satisfying results.

4.) Energy can easily drain out of your home, taking your energy, ambition and financial security with it! Shoring up energy leaks will automatically contain the chi, so you can benefit from it longer, which means having more personal energy to put into your life and work.

5.) The items you have around you may be physically and energetically blocking and/or weighing down the energy of the space. Choosing and placing items intentionally, can activate the energy flow, and propel you more easily toward the positive results you want, easily!

If you’re sitting in an unsupportive energy flow all day long, it’s working against you and your goals. No matter how many other positive steps you take, like healthy habits, good mindset and energy work, and following good strategies, it’s going to temper how far you can get.

It’s truly worth considering what’s going on around you and how the energy is supporting you. There are many simple shifts you can make to the energy flow around you, which quickly results in ease and can help propel you forward to accomplish what you want with less effort and feeling your best!

If you need my help with this, reach out to me. We can fast track your efforts in no time!