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I’m dreaming up a new Feng Shui group program designed to guide you through simple but powerful changes to your home so it supports you and your business success.  Together, we’ll:

  • Strategically clear objects and energies that are blocking your success, so you move past whatever has been slowing you down.  

  • Arrange your space and align the energies around you to support your life and business goals, so you can achieve them from a place of ease and flow instead of effort. 

  • Decorate your home intentionally, like a 3-D vision board for the life and business you want, so you can more easily attract and manifest it all.

The course price will land at $999 USD, but I’ve got some amazing early opt-in opportunities coming up soon for those on the waitlist.  I’ll aim for early 2024 to introduce it.  

I’ll only create it if there’s enough interest … so, is this something you’d be interested in?

If yes, just pop your contact information into the sign up form below to add your name to the waitlist.  You’ll be notified first when the course is ready, and you’ll receive early bird pricing details too.

– Kerri

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