I see this all the time with clients – inertia – the complete inability to move forward in life or work

- there are so many ideas flowing, you can’t decide on which one to pursue …

– you’re not sure of the next right steps, so you don’t take any …

– you’re afraid of failing at whatever it is, so why bother trying …

– making ‘it’ into a mountain that looms overhead, instead of breaking it into bite-sized pieces

Okay, honestly … I have first-hand experience with all of these!

 But these days, I don’t get stuck for long on it, because I know how to get the momentum going without thinking and ‘efforting’ over it.

I use Feng Shui instead!

Taking a break, and focusing on moving and shifting things in your environment, will distract you from pushing against the eleventy-billion possibilities, all of the things that might go wrong, and the giant mountain you’ve built in front of you.

If you’re feeling stuck –

– Open the doors and windows

– Turn on some music

– Wash some windows

– Sweep the front steps

– Make your bed

– Declutter a few things

Once you get the energy moving in a new way, clarity settles in, doors open, and inspiration flows, so you can move forward – Easy. Breezy.

Try it.  Something will shift, I’m sure of it.

If you want to be strategic with where the energy moves and supports you, that’s my specialty(!) and I’d love to help you step into ease and flow in your life and business using Feng Shui. Check out the options here, or simply send me an email and we can figure out which 1:1 options are right for you.