Frequently Asked Questions

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that looks at how unseen energies (chi) flow through a space and impacts the people there. When energy flows in a beneficial way, the space feels good to be in and the occupants thrive. When the energy flows harshly, the space feels unsettling, and occupants can face challenges.  The goal of a Feng Shui consultation is to identify where chi is leaking away or out of balance and remedy it, so the space feels more harmonious and you feel better when you're there.  

What is Chi?

Chi is an unseen energy force that is believed to animate all of life.  It’s the force that makes plants grow and rivers flow.  According to Feng Shui, everything, even inanimate objects like a table or vase, have chi.  The chi of people and things interact, so some objects can make you feel good or feel bad.  The goal of Feng Shui is to balance and harmonize the chi so it is flowing in a beneficial and uplifting way.  

What type of Feng Shui do you practice?  

I have studied both Form and Compass Schools of Feng Shui at the Western School of Feng Shui.  I typically default to using the Form school practices, which use a Bagua Map based off of the front door instead of a compass.  In general, it’s easier to understand and apply for most people.  

When is a Feng Shui consultation helpful?

Feng Shui is beneficial anytime, but especially in these circumstances: 

• You feel uncomfortable or unhappy in your space
• Your daily routine is disorderly, cluttered or otherwise inefficient
• You’re facing persistent challenges and setbacks instead of ease and flow
• You’re struggling in one or more life areas (ie career, relationships, money)
• You or someone else in the space is facing a persistent health challenge
• You’ve had a recent change in status (job loss/new job, divorce/new marriage, new baby/empty nest, new home, new health diagnosis, a new business venture)
• You’re selling your home or buying a new home
• You want to optimize your potential in all life areas and get the best results both at home and at work

What does a Feng Shui consultation entail?

During a consultation, we’ll review your intake forms and your goals.  Then we’ll tour the property (via video for distance consultations), and talk about suggested changes that you should work on.  This first appointment usually averages 2 hours in length.  Check-in calls begin approximately 2 weeks after the tour.  These are conducted by phone and/or video and are 30 minutes in length.  These calls are an opportunity to review your layout/Bagua map and personalized adjustments to make, and discuss the changes you’ve made and results you’ve seen to date.  We talk about any tweaks needed, you can ask questions, and then depending on your package we may move on to discuss additional adjustments and schedule the next check-in call.  

How often do I need a Feng Shui consultation?

One Feng Shui consultation can create powerful shifts and solve challenging issues in life.  But as humans, we are constantly evolving, transitioning and setting new goals.  Your environment needs to grow and shift with you so it can keep supporting you.  Consider a new consultation whenever you are facing a big change, or choose a package that includes annual support so you are always sure the energies are on your side.  

What are the typical changes that are recommended during a Feng Shui consultation?

Don’t worry, I won’t be suggesting you knock down walls or buy all new furniture (unless you’ve called me in for advice on that)!  Typical suggested changes include:

  • decluttering as needed to open up the flow of energy
  • Simple adjustments to furniture placement to alleviate energetic stresses
  • adding enhancements like artwork, symbols, crystals or decor items to call energy in a particular direction or to a part of your life that needs a boost
  • placing ‘cures’ to prevent energy from leaking away in areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms
  • advice on colors, shapes and textures that will help balance and harmonize the way a room feels

I’ll work with you, your home layout, your current furnishings and design style, your preferences and your budget to help you create a space that feels better and flows better on an energetic level.

Can I Feng Shui just one room?

The short answer is yes, and I recommend scheduling a Strategy Session by phone to discuss any single challenging space you have.  We’ll create a simple punch list of adjustments that will help balance the space.  

The long answer is that ALL of your spaces have an impact on you, and it’s important to look at the whole picture – all of your spaces – if you want real, lasting results.

What do I need to do to prepare for a Feng Shui Consultation?

After booking your consultation package, you’ll receive a Welcome Packet that walks you through all the important details.  There will also be a brief intake form to complete, and then I ask you to draw out the layout of your home and send it to me before our appointment.  Other than that, the only request I have is that you DON’T de-clutter, clean and organize your home right before the consultation.  I want to see the space in it’s usual state so I can better assess where the energy is getting stuck.  

How long does it take to see results after a Feng Shui Consultation?

Clients often start to feel a shift in the middle of the tour because they see a new perspective! Tangible results can vary based on what the current situation is, how long it’s been that way, what changes are needed, and how long it takes to put adjustments into place.     

I’m building a new house – how can Feng Shui help?

There couldn’t be a better opportunity for Feng Shui!  You’ve got a completely blank slate and can make sure you create good energy from the ground up: 

  • Siting your home so invites in the best energy
  • Reviewing blueprints to correct for any energetic challenges before you build
  • Reviewing decor choices so they all contribute to balance, harmony and flow of positive energy

I’m selling a house – how can Feng Shui help?

I consider Feng Shui staging a home on an energetic level.  Potential buyers are acting based on the feeling they get when they’re in your home, not just how it looks or how it’s priced.  Making sure the energy of the space is balanced and positive will make it more attractive to potential buyers, and often results in a faster sale, higher offers and ease during the transaction process.

I’m moving into a new home – how can Feng Shui help?

A Feng Shui consultation will ensure you’re correcting any energy imbalances and setting yourself up for success in your new home.  You spend 2/3 of your day at home, and put most of your paycheck into it!  Why not make sure it’s supporting you on every level and that you love being there!

What is an Energy Clearing?

Everything is energy, even thoughts and emotions, so an energetic vibe of sadness, stress, anger, complacency can build up in a space.  It’s incredibly healing to the space and the people in it to remove these energies and bless the space by calling in fresh, uplifting energy/chi.

An energy clearing is a process of breaking up and clearing out old, stuck or stagnant energies that have pooled in a space so that you can lift the feeling of the space and create a more positive flow.

Kerri customized each clearing, and uses various tools depending on the situation.  These may include smudge sticks made of sage, essential oils, salt, crystals, crystal energy grids, reiki, and good old intuition:)

How can an Energy Clearing help me?

Energy clearings will make a space feel lighter and happier, and alleviate stress, overwhelm, anxiety, or sadness.  They can also reset the flow of energies in the space so that it continues to feel uplifting. 

Occupants in the space often find that it is easier to disconnect the energetic connections with items in the space or the space itself, and are able to move forward with greater ease. 

When should an Energy Clearing be done?

Clearings are beneficial any time you or your space is feeling stuck or heavy, or you’re facing consistent setbacks and challenges.  

Any time you are in transition in your life and leaving something behind, an energy clearing can help you disconnect from old patterns and create a blank slate and good flow for new things to come.  

Energy clearings are particularly recommended whenever moving into a new space, to clear away the previous resident’s energies and bless the space for you.  Or in cases when you’re selling a home, to clear away your energetic history and make it easier for new owners to see the space as theirs and make it easier for you to let go and move on.