Whose feeling the anxiety amp up as Election Day approaches???  I sure am! It’s hard to avoid.

Here some Feng Shui tips and actions you can take to protect yourself and your home from all the vibes that are sure to get even more unsettled in the coming days.

  1. On the morning of Election Day, open your doors and windows for 10 minutes or more to release any heavy or anxious energy out of your home and allow new, supportive chi in to nourish you during the day.
  2. Keep the energy clear and uplifted throughout the day by smudging, diffusing essential oils, and placing crystals or bowls of salt out to absorb negativity.
  3. Take a moment (or many over the day) to light a candle, get quiet, count your blessings, and visualize the world you want to live in.  Journal it out if it helps.  Focus on the blessings you have, and those you want to call in, instead of the ‘what ifs’ and uncertainty of this time.
  4. Limit your exposure to news and social media.  Check in for 20-30 minutes a few times instead of letting it blast in the background all day.  Even better, designate one room to “news” so you can keep the rest of your house clean and protected from it.  Remember, tuning into the news is just like inviting all the ‘newsmakers’ into your home.  You can keep it out or limit it if you choose.
  5. Practice radical self-care all day.  For me this includes diffusing essential oils, reading a book, taking a bath, getting out in nature, listening to music, working on a puzzle, cooking or baking, and sometimes napping!  These activities can instantly shift your energy and calm the vibe of your space too.

If you haven’t already, I hope you get out and vote!  And then I hope these ideas will help you navigate all the drama of the election with relative ease. Sending peaceful and calm vibes your way!