I did some seasonal decorating this weekend and it felt SO GOOD!

I actually hadn’t decorated since putting up a few valentines decorations last winter. Life got crazy and my house wasn’t a priority.

It’s probably shocking to hear that from an avid Feng Shui-er, but it’s true.

Despite the lack of decorating, the energy here has changed substantially. There have been layers of physical clutter purged, as well as layers of mental and emotional releases too. We are different on so many levels and so is the space.

As I decorated I realized that more needed to change:  I think it’s time for a complete Feng Shui overhaul!

New intentions, new cures, new enhancements.

Want to refresh your space too?  The season is changing and it’s a perfect time to check in with your life and the Feng Shui that you have in place and notice what’s calling for an update.

My first step is always taking a good what’s going on in each of my 9 life areas:

Fulfilling work ~ Wisdom ~ Family ~ Abundance ~ Character ~ Relationships ~ Creativity ~ Support ~ Well-being

I notice which parts of life need a boost, I set a clear intention for that part of my life,  and then I set to work changing things up in my home.

This is where the Feng Shui Bagua Map comes in really handy because it shows me exactly where to go and what parts of my house to focus on to call in change where I want it.

Usually it just takes a few simple adjustments to make things flow differently.

Take it from me, the results never disappoint.  You’ll feel more energized, you’ll fall in love with your home again, and you’ll manifesting new things in your life.

Happy RE-Feng Shuiing!