You’d think after 15 years of doing the work I do, it would be easy for me to let STUFF go.
I’m quick to release things that are cluttering my life, weighing me down or keeping me stuck in the past.
But every once and a while things come up that I struggle to let go of
Yesterday, Casey and I shed tears over a tiny plastic turtle the girls played with in the tub.
She cried because it doesn’t work anymore… I cried because my babies are too big for baths with bath toys now!!😭😭
Then there was the matching bathrobes that Santa bought for the girls one year.
At the time it was such a big girl gift for them to get
I can vividly remember them trying them on … they were lost in all the fluff and swimming in how big they were.
“Don’t worry you’ll grow into them”, I said…. but it seemed like that would take forever
Fast forward a blip and suddenly the robes were embarrassingly small on them!
Forever came way. too. soon!
Letting go of those robes felt like someone was pulling my babies from my arms!! I did not want to let go!😫
My parents bedroom set is another thing I’ve struggled with over the last months
I loved that set for my whole life and always thought I’d take it eventually
But now that moment is here and It’s not that cut and dry
I look in the mirror attached to the bureau and in my minds-eye I can see my mom and dad getting all dressed up for a night out … She’s putting on perfume and my dad is fixing his tie
The set is like a connection back to my parents and to a time and place a world away
Deep down I know it’s not really the bed set or the mirror I want … it’s that I want my mom and my dad back!
I know that keeping the bedroom set isn’t going to give me any of that back
And energetically I know it’s not good to hold onto it …
Despite the fond memories, it feels heavy and there’s sadness attached to it now
We don’t need to be sleeping on that kind of energy every night!!
A hundred times, through tears, I’ve had to remind myself that it’s the memories that bring me joy, not the bedroom set.
In the end, my parent’s bedroom set doesn’t fit us and our space right now … and it probably never will
I’m letting all the pieces go and trusting it will bring someone else joy
I truly get how hard it can be to say goodbye to things that once fit better, felt more uplifting and were more cherished.
But I also see the ways it can hold up the energy and weigh things down.
And I know that’s part of what makes me good at what I do.
If you’re having a hard time letting go of something, my advice is to check in and see if it’s really about the item, or something deeper that you you need to accept and release
Notice if that cherished item is really still uplifting you and your space or if it’s heavy with charged memories and emotions and contributing to physical, mental or energetic clutter in your life
If you need help with this, and all the things that make your spaces feel good and flow good, reach out to me via PM. I can help!