I grew up thinking some people were just born lucky and some were simply “out of luck”!  But eastern cultures believe that you can cultivate good luck (using Feng Shui!).

Can good Feng Shui help you win the lottery?  Well, that hasn’t worked for me yet!   But it can create an ease and synchronicity in life that allows opportunity to easily reach you.  And every opportunity holds the chance for a lucky strike – whether that be in prosperous earnings, beneficial relationships, or rich inspirations.

There are 3 key feng shui areas to focus on to help improve your luck:

  1. The approach to your house and front door (often the career area) — this is where opportunity finds you.  Make sure your home is visible, approachable and welcoming.  You don’t want that Publisher’s Clearing House van containing a huge check in your name driving away because the driver couldn’t find your address or because you missed them at the door when your doorbell failed to ring!  Keep that part of the house in ship-shape!!
  2. The money corner — this is the back left corner of your house.  This area relates to money, prosperity and abundance.  Go check out what’s going on there — are you missing that corner of your house?  Is it full of clutter?  Does it look and feel like a rich area or is it sending a different message.  Shore up this area by de-cluttering, cleaning, and enhancing it with symbols of wealth.
  3. The support corner — This is the front right corner of your house.  It’s the area related to supportive and helpful people, travel/adventure, and all the synchronicity that comes from being in the right place at the right time.   Consider what kind of luck you’re looking to change and also the people and places that you need to connect with to bring about that shift in fortune.  Place symbols supporting those connections in this part of the house and clear out any clutter that is holding your back.

If you’re really looking for a change in fortune these are the first three places I would start.  Give it a try and let me know if some lucky windfalls come your way!!