I’ve been doing remote Feng Shui tours for years and I actually love working from pictures and videos just as much as I love entering and working in a new space.  It’s amazing that even though I’m not in the space during a distance consultations the results are just as successful.  Pictures are a great tool for Feng Shui and there are many reasons why they work so well and how they help in the process of change.

Here are some thoughts on how taking pictures of your space can help you shift it:

  1.  Pictures don’t lie.  They show you how things are … how they really are.  The trick is you have to take the picture of the space before you clean it up and make it pretty.  I know … it’s hard to do this!  I immediately want to go and straighten the bed, move the pile of clutter out of view, or put a vase of flowers on the counter before I snap the picture.  But in reality our beds are not always made, we DO have clutter, and we don’t always have a pretty view to look at.  But when you let yourself (and/or your consultant!) see the imperfections in the picture, the solutions are often immediately clear too. If you hide the problem before taking the picture you will be avoiding the problem and will likely find the solution evasive too.
  2. Pictures give you an entirely different perspective of your space.  It’s great to be in your space and feel it as you decide to make changes … but it’s not always necessary.  Sometimes its better to step back and even step away from it.  Take some pictures and then look at them a few days later while you are somewhere else.  Take time to really notice the space as if you are seeing it for the first time.  I bet you’ll find some secrets hidden there and you’ll come up with some great ideas for change.
  3. Pictures remind you of where you’ve come from.  I often encourage my clients to take before and after pictures when they are making changes to their space.  It’s great fun to look at how things have progressed and shifted.  It helps you keep moving forward when you get stuck, because you can already see how far you’ve come.  And “before and after pictures” are great for bragging rights!  LOOK at all the work you did … Look how far you’ve come … YAY … now go show and tell everyone!

Go ahead … I know you’re tempted to take out your camera now.  I’d love to hear some feedback on what your camera sees that you haven’t noticed before!

Before I go, let me share that I’m booking September dates now — I have four spots open for onsite or remote  Feng Shui sessions.  I’ve heard so many of you expressing how insightful it was to spend so much time at home during Covid -19 shutdowns!  Nothing like a few weeks in the same four walls to realize things need to shift!  If spending so much time at home has you re-thinking  your space, let me help!  Schedule a discovery call with me to find out how we can work together to shift your home and/or work space so it feels better and flows better.
Happy Feng Shui-ing!