This last few months …😞

I’ve been quiet and sometimes questioning … trying to reconcile whether what I do is of value in the midst of pandemics, racial injustice and so much other shift and change.

This week … more quiet reflection …

There were many more voices and messages that need to be heard over mine anyway.

I’ve been listening. I’ve been learning. I’ve started (re)teaching myself and my daughters. Yet there’s so much more to do.

I’ve still been working … and the work I get to do really does feed my soul …

I talked to one person this week who was distraught over current events. She was barely functioning under the weight and emotion of it all. But she walked away from our session with tools to help release that energy and recalibrate herself and her physical space too.

She said it was exactly what she needed … and it was exactly the reminder that I needed, that the work I do is relevant. It does make a difference.

I believe there’s is a long fight in front of us on many fronts. Energy is changing and shifting in major ways. We’re all going to need to use our personal energy wisely. We’re going to need places to retreat to where we can regroup and come back stronger.

So … (deep breath) …. I’m going to keep showing up this way and sharing my work because it’s one of the differences I can make.

I know it’s important that I start showing up in other capacities too … And, even if it’s uncomfortable, I’m going to lean into that.

Everyone is a change maker and light worker in some way. If we all show up – perfectly imperfect and all – it’s got to make a difference.