Look around and notice how your surroundings feel right now.  If things feel dull or ‘blah’, it’s time to shake things up.

Why?  Because spending time in a dull, cluttered or uninspired space will eventually influence your mood, energy level and income potential!  

>> If you’re puttering around your home all day but never seem to get anything useful done …. 

>>If you find yourself frustrated and distracted by every imperfection around you … 

>>If you end up seeking out other spaces to do your work because you just can’t stand being stuck in your office … 

… then something is off in your space!  

And, there are some quick and easy Feng Shui fixes that can jump start the energy there, so that you can feel more energized, focused and successful at home and at work.  Here are a few of my favorites:  

Open up your doors and windows – this is an instant fix, especially as the days warm up and get sunnier around here!  Fresh air = Fresh chi that will vitalize any space.  

Declutter – everything is energy and all energy is connected, so if you’ve got some stuff around you that isn’t loved or useful anymore, its weighting down the energy of your space and diluting your energy too.  Pass on 3-5-7 (or 700!) things and you and your space will instantly feel lighter and brighter:)

Turn on some music – this literally changes the frequency and mood of your space.  Give yourself a dance break and you’ll change the vibe in an instant and you and your space will feel energized and refreshed again.  

Diffuse some essential oils – just put a few drops of uplifting essential oils like rosemary or grapefruit on a cotton ball.  Strategically place the cotton so its hidden and let the scent wake you and the space up. 

Add in pops of color — bright yellow, red or orange through decorative accents or artwork are happy, uplifting and energizing colors when used in balance.  They will help to spark some excitement into you, your work and your passions

Rearrange things – change out the artwork, the decorative accents, or move some furnishings around to really change the feel and flow of the space you’re in.  

Which one of these are you going to try today?  Pick one … or try them all if you really need a reset. 

Happy Feng Shui-ing, 


PS. Creating high vibe spaces that support joy, ease and prosperity is my specialty!!   Send me a message if I can help you out.