No matter how much success you’ve had in business, its cringeworthy and worrisome when things slow down! Here are 3 Feng Shui tips for business that will jump start your money flow.

Working harder and longer, taking fewer risks, spending less, or otherwise contracting your energy, and the energy of your business, may intuitively seem like the responsible steps to take … but how about simply re-aligning things instead?

Money is energy and its all flowing out there somewhere.  Shifting the energy of your surroundings can help you tune into it.

1.  Make room for more money and business growth

If you say you want more business but you don’t have physical or energetic space for it, you’re sending a mixed message.  In fact, your workspace could be broadcasting a completely different message that perhaps you don’t really want more.  Switch that up by making room for what you want:

> Clear off your desk/workspace
> Declutter old files, work supplies and samples
> Let go of unfinished projects (or bring them to completion!)
> Fire those high maintenance clients that are sucking up your time and energy(!)

All of this is physical and energetic clutter that is blocking the flow of easy abundance into your business.

2. Refresh your front entrance

Consider the ‘attention catching’ tactics that car dealerships use to call car buyers in their direction – flashy cars parked out front, people wearing costumes and flipping signs, balloon arches, flashing neon lights – all calling you in their direction louder than the competition can.

If you want to call more money into your business, then you need to call attention to your business and that starts with your front entrance.

> This applies to the front entrance to your home and/or your business.
> It’s important even if you don’t have a brick and mortar business, and never have a client or colleague step through the door into your business!!
> It’s about energy and sending a clear message that you’re open for business and welcoming more in your direction.

Make your business stand out from the rest. Be easy to find.  Look welcoming and attractive.  Shine bright and the energy (money!) will respond by flowing in your direction.

(Your personal home, business website and social media pages are also symbolic “entrances” to your business, so don’t forget to give them some attention too.)

3. Enhance your space to encourage abundance and flow

Does your home and work area help you feel successful, prosperous, and in the flow of money?  Hmmm, not so much?!!

Then try adding a few enhancements that remind you to feel that way.  This will be different for everyone, but here are some of my favorite things:

> plants that add vibrancy and bring in the energy of growth and expansion
> flowers that feel lush and abundant
> crystals that represent rich earth jewels
> photos of my family (my why and inspiration in all things!)
> things that are shiny and gold because that feels rich to me
> fountains – because flowing water symbolizes flowing money;)

If you’ve done all of the things above, money still isn’t flowing into your business at the pace you want it too, then take another look, peel off another layer and move things around to spark a new flow.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help you to Feng Shui your spaces so they encourage prosperous flow in your life and business, just reply to this message.

Happy Feng Shui-ing,

– Kerri