I cleaned out some old work files last weekend.

Just having done that feels good – so good!

The filing drawer used to be jam-packed.  Finding things, putting things in, or taking them out was a chore.

Now when the drawer opens the files insides swing and glide back and forth with all the extra space.  Yes!

But what feels even better is the powerful release  and emotional weight that was lifted as I chucked file after file in the “trash” pile:

> bye-bye to a zillion pages of good ideas that I just don’t have it in me to bring to life (a sad admission)

> a reminder of thousands and thousands of dollars I’ve invested on courses, mentors and advice (that I may or may not have put to good use!)

> evidence of SO MUCH time and energy I’ve put into this mission of mine (often without a big return)

In going through the files, I had to face reminders of things I’ve tried and failed at, things I could have done better at, distractions that took me far off course and so much more.  Ouch.  That hurts!

Of course there were good things mixed in too.  It was fun to revisit those, pull out the nuggets of wisdom from some, save others for reference, and yes, I even let go of some of the good stuff.

It’s not so much about reclaiming physical space as it is about creating space for the next big thing.  I’m letting go of the good and the bad and trusting that something amazing will fill the vacuum that I’ve created.

I feel a big up level coming and I think it will be bigger and better because I let all that dead weight go.

It’s like pruning a tree to make room for new growth.  It keeps it healthy and contracts it’s energy just enough to allow for expansion.

If it’s been a while since you’ve made space in your life or business, I hope this will inspire you to do so.

These items not only take up physical space but they become energetic blocks to the ease, creativity, and prosperity you’re looking for.

Here are some tips:

> Set a timer so that you don’t get sucked too far into each file!

> Don’t just toss the files in the trash — Pull out any nuggets that might be useful later and thank the information and bless it before letting it go

> If you need to, do an energetic cord cutting to make the release easier and heal the cuts

> Ask the universe to bring ideas back to you if there’s a time for them in the future

> Smudge all the files, whether they’re staying or going, and smudge the filing cabinet too

> Create a few new files to hold space for things your calling in (new client intake files, a vacation idea file, a new project file)

This is a powerful process that sets you up by helping you release done or half-done things that are taking up space and create space for new potential in your life or business.

Happy Feng Shui-ing!

PS. A whole section of my book “Feels Better.  Flows Better.  Feng Shui for Inspired Living” is dedicated to the energy of ‘stuff’ and how it influences our personal energy and potential.  Grab your copy here.