Gosh, my brain is good at trying to undermine me sometimes!!

There are days when I feel extra sensitive, when doubt and fear gnaw at me – trying hard to hold me back.

So I use Feng Shui to make sure the underlying energies around me aren’t undermining me too.  

I know I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t consciously set up my surroundings to support me and highlight my gifts.

It’s a total game changer to walk into a workspace that:

  • supports me – physically, energetically and emotionally
  • helps me feel confident and respectable
  • reminds me of my capabilities and accomplishments
  • makes me feel like ‘a boss’
  • surrounds me with inspiration and encouragement

It starts with:

>> removing all the things that subliminally chip away at my energy and potential

>> surrounding myself with things that energize, inspire and remind me of my why

>> positioning myself in the flow of supportive and beneficial energies.  

When I sit down to work every day, THE SPACE helps me feel worthy to be there and show up for the work I do.  

Because of intentional Feng Shui, I’m able to remember all the ways my work makes a positive difference for the people I serve.  

And guess what?!  That tips the scale for me.  

It doesn’t eliminate the fear or doubts but it overshadows it enough so that I can show up fully.  

Despite the fears, I get to 

  • do the work I’m passionate about
  • create a schedule that lets me put family first
  • contribute financially to my family
  • work in a state of ease and flow
  • make a difference in other peoples lives and businesses

Here’s a big note:  I don’t have an ‘official’ office in my home. In fact, as I write this, I’m sitting on my bed!  But I’m still in a space that makes me feel good.  I’m set up in an energetically supportive position in the room.  I’ve aligned myself with all the boss vibes I need!  No matter where you’re starting from, making subtle changes to your space can make a difference.  

If fear and doubt is holding you back, consider making some positive changes in your space.  Send me a message if you need help with it!

Happy Feng Shui-ing!