Here’s one big thing Feng Shui has taught me:

You don’t have to just look within to muster the energy, strength and courage to try something new.

There are beneficial energies all around you that can support you.

Harness them!  Draw them towards you!  Tap into them!

Now you’ve got a different level of energy to launch from.

Maybe you’re hesitating to start something new because you feel like you’ve already tried and failed at it?

> You got excited

> You were fully invested

> You put it out there

And then no one responded?

So now you’re all “why bother” … “why am I doing all this” … “what’s the point of going full force again” …   

Now you’re feeling defeated. And scared to put yourself out there …

Plus, you’re burned out, exhausted and can’t find what you need within to give it another go??

Umm, yup, I’ve been there too.  

Here’s one Feng Shui trick I always do before I start (or re-start) something big:

Go freshen up the front door of your home inside and out (and of your business if it’s separate).  

> Declutter

> Sweep and Dust

> Wash it down

> Fix anything broken

> Add flowers, a mat, a wreath, a welcome sign or anything else to raise the vibe of the entrance.  

The front door is the place where all energy and opportunity originates for your life and business.  Make it uplifting and auspicious.  

You’ll call in energy that will help fuel you and your project!

You’ll attract a whole new level of opportunity toward you and your big thing/big launch/big project!!

In full disclosure, if you’re picking yourself up after a big flop, you’re probably going to need to do a bit of mindset work too:  

> Stand up, dust yourself off, make a list of all that went right, make a list of all the good things that will come (for you … for your clients … for the world) when this thing of yours is out.

> Remind yourself that this try is different than the last try … That you’ve learned from your mistakes … That this is a totally different time and energy… 

!!!And then do the Feng Shui thing!!!

It’s never failed to give me the extra boost that I need to propel myself and my projects forward:)

Happy Feng Shui-ing!