Have you ever felt like an imposter!  Like, “who am I to call myself an expert in this thing?!”  

If so, then listen in!  There are things in your surroundings that could be keeping you in that space of self-doubt:  

In my Feng Shui practice, I’ve seen BOOKS be a sneaky trigger for this!  

If you’e called to a particular topic, you’ve probably surrounded yourself with lots of books and resources about it.

On one hand it can be reassuring and powerful to have all that knowledge at your fingertips.  It helps open up more bandwidth because you don’t have to retain all the intricate information within you … you can just grab one of your handy reference books when you need it.  What a relief!

But on the other hand, these resources can keeping you from trusting in your true power and potential.  They might support that deep down inside you don’t feel worthy to call yourself an expert in your craft.  You might see the authors of the books as the real experts and feel you’ll never be in that circle.  

Worst of all, because you have the books and references handy, you might never truly exercise and refine your own gifts to the point where you feel fully confident and worthy to call yourself the expert.  You might keep yourself small, recycling someone else’s advice and staying in that space of feeling like an imposter. 

The truth is, (for some, not all) the books are holding you back from tapping into your own inner knowing … from refining your own style … and from exercising and strengthening your skills and expertise fully.  

Of course, if you’re a surgeon, and someone’s life is in your hand, it’s practical to have references to check in with at all points along the way!  

But for many modalities, if you’ve take the classes, done the homework, practiced and refined your techniques, it’s time to give yourself credit and believe in your abilities.  

Let go of the crutches (in this case books and resources) and trust in your innate gifts and higher knowing.  

If you sometimes feel like an imposter in your field, it might be helpful to tuck away your books and resources for a while, and force yourself to prove to yourself how much you know.  If there’s something you truly aren’t sure of, you can always find the answer somewhere beyond yourself.  Just don’t make it your first stop:)

Take a minute today to assess the resources you keep on hand — do they empower you or do they keep you in a space of dependence? 

Try putting some of them away for a while and seeing how much you’re able to accomplish without them.  Watch your confidence grow!  

Your confidence will grow!  You’ll be able to inspire people in your unique way!

You’ll be able to share your gifts in a way that helps others.  

C’mon, give it a try:). The world needs you  and what you’ve got to share!