“Homeowners who had never heard of space clearing only a year ago are now ringing bells, burning sage, and chanting mantras because they have found their homes feel better as a result.”          – Denise Linn.

I love reading that quote above from one of my favorite Authors.  Those of us in energy work and spiritual fields are aware of the need to clear energies from ourselves and our spaces regularly.  There are energies all around and some of them can be unsettling.  Here are two to be aware of …think about if you’ve felt the influence of any of these energies in your space:

“Residual Energy” … 

– If you’ve ever had guests over for a while, and then they leave, but you can’t shake a funky feeling afterward … that’s residual energy.

– If you’ve ever walked into a room full of people and you can just sense there’s tension in the air, as if something just went down but you missed it … that’s residual energy.

– If you’ve ever watched a child have a tantrum, and they get over it, but everything still feels unsettled … that’s residual energy!

I like to think of this kind of energy as the ‘echo’ left behind by intense people or situations.

The emotion of the person or situation gets transferred to the space and ends up influencing the vibe of the room and the other people in it.

It’s good to intentionally clear the energy after company departs or after any charged emotions are expressed in the space.  It will help keep the vibe high!!

“Predecessor Energy” … 

– If you’ve ever been house hunting, and come across a nice house that just felt ‘off’ … it was probably predecessor energy throwing you off.

–  If you’ve ever moved into a new space, and notice that your luck changes soon after … you’re probably being influenced by predecessor energy.

This type is an energetic imprint of the previous inhabitants that is left in the space long after they are gone.

If the last owners experienced financial distress, marital challenges, or ill health, all the emotions and energy around those situation will influence current patterns in the space which will dilute your vitality and potential.

It’s important to know as much as you can about who was in your space before you, what they experienced while there, and why they left.  And it’s so important to clear away those energy patterns so they don’t negatively affect you!

I clear the energy of my space regularly to eliminate any residual energy … and I always do a big energy clearing when I’m settling into a new space … including (especially!) hotel rooms and hospital rooms so that I’m not picking up predecessor energy and being impacted by other peoples stuff.

My book includes a whole section on energy clearing.  And I have an e-book Guide to Energy Clearing available too.  You can purchase both on my website.  They are both great support for those who do are comfortable doing their own energy clearing.

I also offer 1:1 Energy Clearing packages onsite or virtually.  I especially recommend expert support if your moving into a new space!  Book a chat with me to find out the options.