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FEELS BETTER. FLOWS BETTER. Feng Shui for Inspired Living

… is a resource and hands-on guide that will help you create a life that flows with ease and intention.  This guide provides a deeper understanding of the impact that outside environment has on all areas of your life.  $24.95

Enhance Your Environment for Success

E-Booklet:  Arrange your surroundings so their energizing you, showing you in your best light, attracting success and prosperity, and creating ease in your day.  $12.00

Guide to Energy Clearing

Create lightness, ease and flow with these tips, tools and rituals to clear the energy out and call in blessings for a space.  $12.00





Money Magnifiers for your Home

E-booklet – Powerful rituals and enhancements you can create and place strategically in your home to attract abundance and prosperity.  $12.00