Make sure that your home and personal energy are
aligned with your life and business goals – and helping you
achieve them – as they change throughout the coming year.

Energetically Align with Higher Income

Set up your surroundings to support your business success and prosperity and maintain it through the fluctuations of the year. 

Energetically Align with Your Goals

Be reminded of your priorities and be in the energy that helps you show up fully to meet your highest potential 

Energetically Align to More Business Growth

Let go of blocks that are holding you back and make room for new opportunities and potential

Energetically Align with Ease and Support

Set yourself up in the flow of beneficial energy and you’ll be on cruise control at home and at work

Tap into the energies around you to  create your best year yet.

With the Annual Feng Shui Advisor package, you’ll have me, a Feng Shui and energy flow expert, in your back pocket for the entire year.

I’ll help you tap into the energy of your surroundings and direct it, so that it is beneficially supporting you, your home, your family and your work through all of life’s fluctuations.

Business launches, creative endeavors, family events — each of these life priorities demands a different level of energetic support.

Let’s line the energies up on your side, and set you up for ease, sucess and prosperity with all of it.

Do you want to tap into unseen potential?

You’ve taken the time to create a beautiful space that feels good to be in…

But on an unseen level, it still may not be supporting you, and it may even be holding you back from your best potential…

> keeping you stuck in old patterns of thought and vibration that don’t serve who you are now and what you’re calling in 

> draining your personal energy, distracting you from what’s really important, and making simple activities harder than they need to be.  

It’s these hidden influences of your environment the cause you to leave money on the table and not show up as your best.  

I can give you a simple plan of action to shift that, through each of the phases of your year.

Let’s shift the energy in your favor with the


What results to expect:

  • To feel empowered by and reconnected to the vital energies around you
  • To understand what’s been blocking you, and how to overcome it
  • To feel a greater sense of ease in life and work
  • To be more focused and productive in your day
  • To have clarity on your priorities and how to achieve them
  • To know what shifts to make to support you even when the focus changes
  • To accomplish more with less effort, because the energy does the work for you
  • To have more of what you want: success, income, joy, ease, health, love … 


Feng Shui Consultations
Affirmations and the Bagua

What’s included in the package:

  • A Welcome Packet with instructions and resources to help you prepare for your sessions
  • A thorough Intake Questionnaire to identify your priorities for our work together
  • Four 50-minute virtual sessions, one each quarter, to review your goals and challenges for the quarter, and discuss personalized cures and enhancements to help you tap into beneficial energies     
  • Expert guidance via Email, between sessions and throughout the duration of the package
  • Your floor plan with the Feng Shui bagua map areas noted on it
  • A personalized Feng Shui checklist to help you balance and optimize your home’s energy
  • Hand-outs and other resources geared to your specific needs

 1:1 Session Details:

Welcome Packet

We’ll be working together for the entire year, and I want to make it easy for you!  You’ll receive a handy welcome packet that explains how to prepare for your sessions, what information I’ll need in advance, what to expect during our calls, how to get in touch with me between sessions, and also some helpful resources.

Implementation Calls (4)

In each quarterly virtual session,  we’ll go over what is current in your life right now: priorities, challenges, and how you want to show up for it all.  Based on that, we’ll strategize easy Feng Shui adjusments to support your success.  We’ll look at your space, your bagua map, and other modalities that will set you up for success. 


Additional Support

You’ll receive a personalized Feng Shui report, Bagua map, and Room by Room Checklist, to help you tap into all the energies available.  I’ll share supportive handouts and resources as needed.  You’ll have email access with me in between sessions, to ask any questions that come up, or to get help adjusting the strategies when plans change.

Get the energies on your side with the


In a few short weeks, my home seems more balanced, and more alive. Every time I see a change I’ve made with your guidance, it makes me smile. Thank you so much, Kerri!

Samantha Larson

Personal Organizer

My advice for others, reach out!  If you’ve spent time and money over the years to improve things, only to not love them and end up getting rid of them.  Kerri is an investment, but worth every penny! I would not hesitate to recommend her and her service to anyone.
Kari Zimmerman

This package is for you if:

  • You KNOW your surroundings are influencing how you feel, and you want to feel good.
  • You KNOW the state of your surroundings impacts your success and prosperity, and you aim for both
  • You KNOW unseen energies are available, to help you live your best life, and you want to tap into them
  • You’ve got big dreams for your life, work, and family … and you want all the help available to reach them
  • You just get stuck sometimes, and can’t find your way around it to get back into ease and flow
  • You want to up your manifestation game and you know raising the vibe around you will help
  • You want to clear energetic patterns that keep showing up and preventing you from moving forward
  • You want an energy guide and mentor on your side who can see your potential from a different perspective
  • You don’t want to leave any stone unturned in accomplishing your best life and work
  • You love to tap into the magic of the moon, crystals, and energetic tools to enhance your abilities

Why work with me?

My surroundings have always been important to me and I’ve always felt better after switching things up.

Finding Feng Shui and practicing it on my own was a game-changer in my life. 

I deeply believe that the energy in and around us has a profound affect on how much joy, ease and success we have.  I also believe that our homes and work spaces are 3 dimensional vision boards for the life we are calling in. 

I’m really good at seeing the disconnect between what you say you want, and what your surroundings are saying, and helping you adjust it to match your big visions.  

When you find that alignment, things really begin to click into place!  Your home becomes a magnet that helps attract all the good things life.  

In each consultation I combine my knowledge of feng shui, aromatherapy, coaching, organizing, and space clearing, to empower clients to craft spaces that are comfortable, functional, supportive and inspiring.  

You’ll be amazed at what we can shift in a short time.  

Kerri was instrumental in helping me through a recent move into a new home that my daughter was apprehensive about. She gave me some amazing tools to shift the energy in the house and we are all happy and feeling AT HOME for the first time in years. I highly recommend her and her mastery of this work. 

Leah Borski

I found Kerri to be professional, knowledgeable and responsive and I thoroughly enjoyed my consultation.  She reviewed the floorplan, walked the space with me and listened to my ideas, concerns and goals.  She validated many of my ideas and gave me suggestions for corrections and enhancements where needed. Having Kerri’s input and experience has put me at ease and was well worth the time.  I would definitely recommend her!”

Lynne R.

Stay in the flow of beneficial energies with the  


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient practice that looks at how unseen energies (chi) flow through a space and impacts the people there. When energy flows in a beneficial way, the space feels good to be in and the occupants thrive. When the energy flows harshly, the space feels unsettling, and occupants can face challenges.  The goal of a Feng Shui consultation is to identify where chi is leaking away or out of balance and remedy it, so the space feels more harmonious and you feel better when you’re there.  

What type of Feng Shui do you practice?

I have studied both Form and Compass Schools of Feng Shui at the Western School of Feng Shui.  I typically default to using the Form school practices, which use a Bagua Map based off of the front door instead of a compass.  In general, it’s easier to understand and apply for most people.  

What does a Feng Shui consultation entail?

We’ll meet via Zoom for six 50 minute sessions.  Before the first session, you’ll receive a welcome packet that tells you how to prepare, including how to send a video and floor plan of your space.  In the first session we’ll review your intake forms and your goals.  Then we’ll talk about suggested changes that you should work on.  In future session’s we’ll review your layout/Bagua map and personalized adjustments to make, and discuss the changes you’ve made and results you’ve seen to date.  We talk about any tweaks needed, you can ask questions, and then depending on your package we may move on to discuss additional adjustments and schedule the next check-in call.

What are the typical changes that are recommended?

Don’t worry, I won’t be suggesting you knock down walls or buy all new furniture (unless you’ve called me in for advice on that)!  Typical suggested changes include:

  • decluttering as needed to open up the flow of energy
  • Simple adjustments to furniture placement to alleviate energetic stresses
  • adding enhancements like artwork, symbols, crystals or decor items to call energy in a particular direction or to a part of your life that needs a boost
  • placing ‘cures’ to prevent energy from leaking away in areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms
  • advice on colors, shapes and textures that will help balance and harmonize the way a room feels

I’ll work with you, your home layout, your current furnishings and design style, your preferences and your budget to help you create a space that feels better and flows better on an energetic level.

Can I Feng Shui just one room?

The short answer is yes, and I have a differnt package available for any single challenging space you have.  We’ll create a simple punch list of adjustments that will help balance the space.  

The long answer is that ALL of your spaces have an impact on you, and it’s important to look at the whole picture – all of your spaces – if you want real, lasting results.

Do you offer Feng Shui and Energy Clearing separate from each other?

Yes!  Absolutely.  You can book a Feng Shui Assessment or Energy Clearing Session individually.  I combine them in this package because I think they work best together and each one enhances the other and the results.  If you prefer one over the other, we can do that too.  Send me an email to find out more.

What do I need to do to prepare for a Feng Shui Consultation?

After booking your consultation package, you’ll receive a Welcome Packet that walks you through all the important details.  There will also be a brief intake form to complete, and you may be asked to send a video and layout of your space before our appointment.  Other than that, the only request I have is that you DON’T de-clutter, clean and organize your home right before the consultation.  I want to see the space in it’s usual state so I can better assess where the energy is getting stuck. 

How long does it take to see results after a Feng Shui Consultation?

Clients often start to feel a shift in the middle of the tour because they see a new perspective! Tangible results can vary based on what the current situation is, how long it’s been that way, what changes are needed, and how long it takes to put adjustments into place. 

What is an Energy Clearing?

Everything is energy, even thoughts and emotions, so an energetic vibe of sadness, stress, anger, complacency can build up in a space.  It’s incredibly healing to the space and the people in it to remove these energies and bless the space by calling in fresh, uplifting energy/chi.

An energy clearing is a process of breaking up and clearing out old, stuck or stagnant energies that have pooled in a space so that you can lift the feeling of the space and create a more positive flow.

Kerri customizes each clearing, and uses various tools depending on the situation.  These may include smudge sticks made of sage, essential oils, salt, crystals, crystal energy grids, reiki, and good old intuition:)

How can an Energy Clearing help me?

Energy clearings will make a space feel lighter and happier, and alleviate stress, overwhelm, anxiety, or sadness.  They can also reset the flow of energies in the space so that it continues to feel uplifting. 

Occupants in the space often find that it is easier to disconnect the energetic connections with items in the space or the space itself, and are able to move forward with greater ease.  

What if I still have questions before I book this package?

No problem!  Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to send me a message and I’ll respond promptly.

Are onsite visits possible instead of doing it virtually?

Yes.  Kerri is available to do the Feng Shui assessment part of the package on location.  Additional charges will be added for travel time and any travel expenses.  Please contact Kerri to make arrangements for onsite visits.  

So… I got this promotion in March, then I got this promotion last week… and today I am resigning to take an even bigger promotion… at a new company.  Seriously. I believe that clearing my front door and front walk have allowed me to welcome in a lot of abundance!!

Ellen R.

Kerri gave me a roadmap of what to add, remove, and reorganize in my space in order to create a better flow and get rid of stuck energy. The changes I incorporated in the beginning were so subtle, they were unnoticeable to the naked eye, but I felt lighter and more energized in the space every day.

Marisa Adele

Healing Point Therapuetics

Get a full year of Feng Shui and energetic support 


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