So what kinds of things should I put in my wealth corner to help call energy there?  I get asked that question all the time!

And honestly I think the answer is personal to you.  But I have a list of general suggestions, that at least can help trigger some intuitive ideas for you.

1. Money!! or items that feel rich, look rich or are expensive!!

2. Healthy plants, especially ones that bear fruit or flowers are a great symbols of growth and abundance.

3. Things that are gold, silver, green or purple.  These are the traditional colors of money and wealth.

4.  Symbols of natural abundance — flowers, fruit, pinecones, seashells, crystals – what can you find around you that reminds you of overflowing blessings?!

5.  Flowing water which is symbolic of flowing money – think fountains, fish tanks or even beautiful images of flowing water.

This is just a quick list, but it should help you get the idea.

In general – think about what feels rich and abundant to you.  That clarity itself helps you attract more richness and abundance into your life.

Want to work on activating your Wealth Corner right along with me?  The doors to the Wealth Corner Activation Challenge are OPEN! It runs December 6-8th and it’s free to join.  Sign up here.