Wealth Corner Activation!


DECEMBER 6-8, 2021

Are you ready for more financial stability, good luck and blessings??

This is one of the most popular reasons people use Feng Shui!

Join me this December for a fast-paced free and live “WEALTH CORNER ACTIVATION CHALLENGE”.

In Feng Shui, the wealth corner is the part of your home that is the energetic center for financial wealth.  It relates to money and blessings of all kinds and from all sources.  It has everything to do with prosperity and finances, but it’s also reflective of all forms of abundance and about having gratitude and appreciation for what’s already in your life.  

The energy of the wealth corner is all about multiplying and magnifying.  So whatever is going on in that part of your home is being amplified in many ways.  Once you use the Feng Shui to locate your wealth corner, you’re able to tell a lot about what’s going on currently in your financial life, just by noticing the current state of that corner in your home.  

And, if your financial life could use a boost, you can call energy to, and enhance the wealth corner to help.  By activating the wealth corner, you’re able to elevate your wealth and financial status, upgrade your living standards, and create luck and blessings for your future!

Want to learn more??  Join me in December for the Challenge!

 I’ll show you:

          1. What the wealth corner is and how to locate it within your home, property and individual rooms
          2. What to do if you’re missing the wealth corner of your home
          3. What to do, and not do, to encourage the most prosperous energies in your weather corner
          4. How add enhancements to your wealth corner to activate wealthy and prosperous energies in your life

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