Whenever I talk about using the bagua map to locate the Wealth/Abundance Corner, there’s always lots of chatter about what people have going on in that space:

…Ugh! My wealth corner is in the garage (which is a mess)

…Mine is in the bathroom (no wonder my wallet is always drained)

…Ohh, that’s our ‘spare room’ … and full of all the stuff we don’t know what to do with

…That’s my messy teenagers bedroom!  Yikes!!

…It’s where I keep the litter box/trash can (or some other unpleasantness!)  

Look, we all need the garage, the bathroom, the spare room, a spot for our teen to sleep and even a place for unpleasantries like the trash or litter.  

Those ‘not-too auspicious areas’ are going to land somewhere within the bagua map and will be influencing some part of our life.  

But it’s definitely not ideal when these yucky spots are falling in the Wealth Corner … because the energy of the wealth corner is all about multiplying and magnifying

We want to use the energy of this area to expand the good stuff that make us feel rich and abundant … but we surely don’t want to multiply the messes, clutter, unappreciated spaces (or cat shit!)!  

So … What to do??

>> First, even though these areas or the things in them are lower energy, you can still show them love and uplift the area as much as possible:

  • Organize the garage/wealth corner, and, if you can, make it a bit more pleasant with good lighting, paint and even decor!
  • Add some love and beautiful elements to your bathroom/wealth corner to make it as uplifting and appealing a space as possible
  • Get rid of anything you don’t need that is stored in the spare room/wealth corner to help open up energy flow to your financial lif
  • Try informing your teen of the significance of their room as the wealth corner of the house and see if you can get them on board to keep it high vibe (haha, I know that’s not likely, so read on for the next best idea … )
  • Keep the litter box clean and cover it if possible so the energy stays high despite it’s presence

>> Next, if you can’t improve on what’s there, you can consider that wealth corner as “missing”.  I talked about missing areas in last week’s post.  Basically, just move on from it and instead show all the other wealth corners of your home and property lots of love.  Sometimes it’s the best option.

It’s really all about focusing on the best solution instead of getting sidetracked by the problem!  Go check out that Wealth/Abundance Corner again and show it some love and appreciation.  You’ll be magnifying that right back to yourself:)

PS. In December I’m offering a free and live Wealth Corner Activation Challenge.  If you feel stumped or frustrated when it comes to money and finances, and you’re just not sure what Feng Shui steps to take, I’ll help you tap into the powerful energies of the wealth corner to create ease, flow and abundance.   Details coming soon.

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