If you’re missing the back left corner of your home then you are missing the Wealth/Abundance Corner of your house!  That can translate into financial difficulty, hard luck when it comes to money, or just finding it difficult to accumulate wealth.  

Last week I shared what the wealth corner is in Feng Shui and how to find it in your home using the Feng Shui bagua map.  If you missed it, you can watch a video about it here.

Quickly, the bagua map extends over your entire house – ‘stretching’ in either direction so it covers everything under your roofline.  (Yes, if you have an attached garage, that’s included in your home’s bagua map … And yes, if you have an addition off the back or side of your house, that’s also included in your home’s bagua map too. ) 

It’s somewhat ideal to have a square or rectangular shaped house because that is the shape the bagua map naturally takes … But those additions can make your house more L-shaped, or T-shaped or other, so when you lay the bagua map over it you end up with no house under part of the map – and you can end up missing some of the life areas from your home’s bagua map.  

A missing life area means that energetically you are missing a solid foundation for that part of your life.  

So if you’re missing the wealth corner, you definitely want to fix it.  No matter your financial health now, giving yourself a solid foundation will create ease and flow that’s beneficial and prevent future struggle with finances.  

Some of the common fixes for the missing wealth corner are:

>> energetically create a foundation for the space by making that area outside the house useful and interesting and enhancing that corner even if it falls outside of your house. 

>> adding enhancements to the wealth corners you do have.  Find the wealth corner of the property and show it some love.  Find the wealth corner in the back left of each individual room and add things that feel rich and abundance.  

(Enhancements are simply things that uplift the energy of the space or can be items that anchor you to the idea of abundance rather than lack.  They help to call or redirect energy which counteracts and makes up for the missing space.)

Remember energy flows where attention goes, so just by putting your attention on creating or fixing the wealth corners, you are effectively redirecting energy where you want it to go.  

So take a little time this week to ‘fix’ your missing wealth area.  Just seeking the solution will start things flowing differently:)

PS>. I’m running a Wealth Corner Activation CHALLENGE in December.  Stay tuned for registration details.