Like attracts like. In that respect I end up working with lots of female entrepreneurs in my Feng Shui practice.  

Ladies, we are amazing at holding tons of information and details in our heads!   But also … our shoulders are weighted with all the hats we’re wearing and our homes and work spaces are filled with all the clutter that goes along with it.  

I’ve found time and again that shifting things in the home or the work space can powerfully change this and open up incredible flow and inspiration and ease for our lives and work.  

>> If you feel like you can’t find your voice in the work you do, or that you don’t have any clarity around your business. 

>> If you find your brain is going a hundred miles an hour but you’re not getting anywhere, or that the work you do is ALWAYS a work in progress … 

Then try some of these quick fixes in your space that will help you open up to the clarity and inspiration you desire:

>> Create some white space in ALL the areas.  Clear out old digital files and paper files to make room for new ideas, new creations and new clients.  

>> Organize your desktop and your digital desktop so that you simplify what you’re looking at and highlight the priorities.   

>> Give yourself a wall for visioning and planning – this could be a white board or a wide wall space that’s free of decor that you can look at to help clear your mind and also use to organize your ideas.  

Clearing away physical and digital distractions around you will help to alleviate visual clutter and the energetic static from it.

It also serves to quiet some of the ‘noise’  and inner chatter that causes brain fogginess that stops inspiration from flowing.  

On top of that, you’ll be creating space for new ideas to flow and land.  You won’t have to carry them in your head, clouding up your band width.  You’ll have a space to get it all out where you can look at it from a place above it all.  

You’ll energetically have created space for what is coming.  

It’s easy to take it on and say you don’t clarity, but I guarantee you do!!  You just need to clear out the jumble first.  Do this in your surroundings and it will automatically create ease, flow and inspiration within as well.  

If you’re ready for more ease and flow in your home, life and work, I can help.  Find out how to work with me here.  I’m happy to chat if you have questions.