Sometimes I wonder if anyone can hear me … 

Last week a friend posted an SOS on Facebook:

“I’m so tired.  I already do xyz to get a good night of sleep but it’s not working.  Does anyone have any suggestions?”

And a bunch of people jumped in with good ideas like:  *try melatonin  *take magnesium  *try essential oils  *get a sleep study *get more exercise *try this tea *try sleep meditations *try hypnosis *reduce blue light exposure …

And I’m in the middle raising my hand like “Maybe it’s not you …maybe it’s YOUR BEDROOM that’s interfering with deep, restful sleep!!!

Maybe, just maybe, there are 

  • Things above, below or beside you that are distracting your energy body
  • Colors, patterns, decor items, work, exercise equipment or electronics that are activating the room
  • Mirrors, windows, doors or corners that make energy flow more harshly around you

And all of that is contributing to your tossing and turning and waking up tired.  

In business groups I see call-outs like:

“I’m so distracted.  How can I focus better on my work?” 

And tons of ideas pop up:  *read this book *hire this coach *try time blocking *turn off social media *take more breaks *Use a daily planner *set a timer *hire VA support … 

Hey … Hello … those are viable ideas … but also, maybe it’s not you or what you’re doing … maybe it’s YOUR WORK SPACE that’s contributing to the distraction and lack of focus!!!! 

Perhaps, if you took a good look, you’d see

  • Visible clutter on your desk or hidden clutter in closets, drawers, files and electronic files that’s taking up visual and mental bandwidth
  • Unfinished projects that are pulling at your attention
  • No energetic boundaries between work and the rest of life
  • Furnishings that contribute to distracting pain and discomfort
  • Oh, and if you’re bedroom is “off” too, and you’re not sleeping well either, then you’re showing up with a reduced mental capacity right at the gate!  

These are all tangible things that will throw you off your best game at work!  

When something – anything is off – the first thing I look at is my surroundings.  

  • Marriage feels stuck? What’s going on in the room …
  • Kids grades are suffering?  Let’s check the bedroom and study area …
  • Money isn’t flowing?  There’s a few rooms to pay attention to …

For most people, considering the space they’re in is an afterthought or never considered at all.  

But I’m determined to keep showing up with not-so-gentle reminders that if something is off in your life …. It’s a sure sign that something is off in your home. 

Take a look around you!  Maybe you can head off more restless nights … improve your attention span …. save your marriage … help your kids … and improve your financial outlook … with just a few simple changes to your environment.  

It certainly won’t hurt the other ‘remedies’ your testing out along the way and it might save you time, energy, money and even your health in the long run.  

Just say’in;)

PS.  If you need help figuring out what’s throwing you off in your home, there are several ways I can help.  Check them out here.