Finally there are some big, positive energies opening up that will encourage alignment, joy and  expansion:

  • The grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn 
  • The crossover into the age of Aquarius 
  • The Winter Solstice 

I’m not going to explain these because there are loads of astrologers who are far more qualified to do so.  Google it.  It will be worth a few minutes of your time to understand the potential available to you right now!  

What I will share with you is the things I’m doing within myself and in my surroundings to help me harness these available energies to nurture the seeds I’m planting for the coming new year!

I do these things every year … and usually I cut myself some slack about when they actually happen.  Sometimes I allow myself all the way to the Chinese New Year – this year it’s February 12th – to put all these steps into play.  

If you’re busy and in the holiday rush right now, then go ahead and give yourself that grace right now too.  

But if you can slow down, be present, and do some of these activations RIGHT NOW, and in the coming weeks, do it!!  You’ll be tapping into a powerful portal of potential! 

Here’s what I’ll be doing between now and December 31:  

  1. Get clear – I decide what I’m letting go of and what I want to create and attract in 2021.  For me there’s some meditating, journaling and vision boarding in this process.  It can be as simple as choosing a word or theme for your year, to going deep into each part of your life to decide where you want to call in change. 
  2. Declutter – I do this on a physical level, making space within my home, and also on a mental and energetic level, deciding what thoughts habits and behaviors won’t serve me moving forward.  You don’t need to declutter every nook and corner.  But at least release a few symbolic things – especially stuff that has been weighing you down or holding you back so you can create room for what you’re calling in. 
  3. Clean the house – This is more than a typical cleaning, this is a true devotional cleaning, where I show my house (which has housed far more things than usual for us this year) some love and appreciation.  If a whole house clean is not an option for you now, pick one spot to love — clean a closet, a drawer, the bathroom.  The other day I cleaned the stove inside and out.  It’s sparkly!  
  4. Clear the energy – This year has been HEAVY!  I’m not letting any of the residual energy and emotion of this year stick around.  Open the doors and windows – ring a bell or bang a drum to shake up and break up the stuck energy – smudge also if you would like.
  5. Reset – I have lots of Feng Shui cures in place and now feels like a good time to check in with them all.  If you have any Feng Shui cures currently in place, this is a good time to take it all down and give it a good energy clearing or let it recharge by the sun and moon.  Then decide what will go back into place. 
  6. Enhance – I’ve definitely felt a shift during this crazy year and from this new place I’ll be putting some different symbols and enhancements around because I’m calling new things in.  What can you put in place to remind you of what you’re calling in? Let these things be anchors to remind you of the possibility and potential in the coming year.  Let them help bring you back to your center and purpose if you start to swerve off course in 2021.   
  7. Call in new blessings – I did some serious blessing and protecting of my home last year and I’m grateful for the energetic boundaries that were set.  I really feel like we were able to maintain a sacred space amongst the chaos. I’m planning to do that again from this new place of alignment.  You can do this too – intentionally seal in positive vibes with your own private ritual – write affirmations, burn a candle, pop some champagne.  Be creative!  

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve skipped these activities in years past, especially when my kiddos were little and it all felt like a chore or more added to my long ’to-do’ list.  But guess what, those were the years that were less magical, and much more bumpy!  Now these things are non-negotiable (except the deadline as mentioned above.)

Set aside a couple of hours in the coming weeks to take these intentional steps.  You’ll be putting energy into something that will return the favor in exponential ways.  Consider it a magic spell for calling in what you want. 

If you want some personalized support in setting up your home for manifesting in 2021, check out my New Year Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Bundle!

Happy Winter Solstice … Happy Age of Aquarius … and Happy Feng Shui-ing!