Okay, it’s pretty clear this holiday season will be more sedate than most…  

Despite the fact that we’re all more than ready to throw a party, pack our bags for a trip, hit the dance floor, and gather to hug our family and friends again!  

But 2020 is suggesting more time for retreating, more opportunities to reflect,  and more chances to slow down and wait things out … in our homes … as if we haven’t already had enough of that!  

So before you start getting antsy, and frustrated, let these Feng Shui shifts help you embrace your space. Take a few steps to intentionally set up your home as a place you enjoy spending time in before the real cabin fever sets in:

  1. Turn up the ambient light:  Candle light, sparkly white lights, salt lamps.  Bring it all on this winter. It will warm up those long dark nights.  
  2. Turn up the heat:  Embrace cozy blankets, warm socks and steaming hot drinks.  I can’t think of a better excuse to be comfortable and lazy. 
  3. Turn up the self care:  Warm baths, soothing body oils, good books, puzzles, music, good recipes.  Consider this permission to feed your soul as much as you can this winter!

Imagine emerging after this extra long and hard year feeling refreshed, energized and uplifted because of the time you spent in your home.  

That’s the power of these intentional changes in you home. They’ll help shift your space and your mindset for the better.  

That’s the power of Feng Shui.