Last week I treated myself to a Natal Chart reading – an astrology reading of the specific date, time and location of my birth.

I’ve wanted to have one of these done for decades but I always put it off!

It was something that seemed fun and frivolous but not very practical, meaningful or useful overall.

Man I was so wrong about that!

All I can say is I wish I had invested in it so much sooner.

I learned a tremendous amount about myself, my tendencies and my gifts!

The information I gleaned about myself from the reading is better and more resonant than any personality or skills test I’ve ever taken.

These are things that, if I had know sooner, I could have acted on and given myself an edge up … at home … at work … as a mom … as a partner …

I’m so glad I finally invested in this insight.

Now that I know what I know about myself from this astrological perspective, I feel like I have permission to show up differently!  And I’m going to!!

Honestly, I think many people hesitate over Feng Shui in the same way I did with Astrology.

I hear so many people say they’re interested in Feng Shui but they don’t end up booking a session for themselves.

Sure, Feng Shui sounds interesting, and would be fun to know, but is it really going to provide insight that is valuable??!!

Would it really help shift things in a way that is truly transformational?

Like me with my Astrology reading, many of my first-time clients are stunned by the insight they get from a Feng Shui session.

They suddenly can see their surroundings from an entirely new perspective that helps them appreciate it so much more.

They see clearly how their environment has been influencing them – either positively propelling them forward or negatively holding them back.

And they understand how to tap into this invisible resource, release blocks and step into ease and flow in their home and life!

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard a new Feng Shui client exclaim that they wish they had consulted Feng Shui sooner.

No one has ever regretted a Feng Shui session, but I have heard regrets over waiting so long to begin!!

I’m at work every day, refining my messaging about Feng Shui to get the good word out about it.

And that’s not because I want to sell it, but because I want everyone to know what a valuable and empowering tool this can be in your life.

Just like the astrology insights have been transformative for me personally, Feng Shui insights can transform not only your home, but all the aspects of your life and what you attract into it!

If Feng Shui is on your bucket list, I hope you’ll bump it to the top!  I know you won’t regret doing it sooner, rather than later.

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