Please don’t stay in stuck-ness!

Here’s a *no cost* Feng Shui trick that will quickly get things moving again – bringing new opportunities your way or highlighting some new solutions:


I give this advice to my clients often and they always report back in a much more positive place than they were.  I use it my own advice regularly, too. And I’m never disappointed in the results.

For me “moving something” usually means

1) Cleaning up and rearranging the things on my desk.  This is especially powerful if I’m feeling stuck creatively.

2) Giving my bedroom a good cleaning.  I know that the energy of the bedroom has influence over my entire life.  If I’m not sleeping good then I’m not showing up fully everywhere else.  Stuck-ness is just one symptom that shows up and changing things up in that room ripples positive waves in every life area.

3) Sweeping (especially the front entry and steps).  For me this is a great way to burn off nervous energy, distract myself from the problem at hand, and physically shake up and clean up the energetic cobwebs around me.  Sweeping isn’t a chore for me … it’s a devotional practice … because it always resets the situation almost instantly.

Last week I did ALL THREE of these things (mostly because I had nervous energy to spare over the election!!!)

This week I personally feel much more in the flow and professionally I’m suddenly completely booked – with clients on a waiting list.

Move something and the ‘stuck’ shifts into alignment!

What are you waiting for?!  Get moving;)

Happy Feng Shui-ing!