This week in a mastermind group I’m part of, someone mentioned needing to get more clarity on her next steps in work and life …

I suggested she clean her windows.

She told me they had just been cleaned before she moved in … but I told her to clean them anyway!

In Feng Shui terms, windows are much more than architectural features of the house.

They’re considered the “eyes” of the home and your personal windows to the world.

Windows are symbolic of clarity and your ability to see things clearly in life.  Often they can be a mirror into your own perception and thinking (clear or not!).

When windows are hazy or dirty it can encourage clouded thinking or an inability to make decisions, and can energetically create a distorted view of whatever is going on around you!

Cleaning the windows can help you see a situation differently.

And, truth be told, it’s not the necessarily the clean windows that create the clarity … It’s the act of cleaning the windows that gets the energy moving and helps clarity flow.

That’s why I encouraged her to clean the windows again and why I encourage you to grab the window cleaning spray if you need a new perspective on any situation in your life.

You’ll be surprised what comes up for you.

Happy Feng Shui-ing!