One blessing from The Covid-19 shutdown was that I had more time to focus on creating a stronger foundation for my business!

I love the work I do, but the behind the scenes of it all can be a drag. 😩😩😩

Last year I focused on the front end of things with a gorgeous new website. I still love-love-love it!

This year, streamlining the back end for me, and creating a more positive experience for my clients has been the focus:

✅ I’ve created beautiful and informative new welcome packet for clients that tells them what to expect, how to prepare for our sessions, and answers all the frequently asked questions. It’s so good!!

✅I had someone help me outline a flow for my biz, automate all the things, create custom templates, and design a client management system! This is long overdue but first I had to admit that I couldn’t do it myself!! It’s already making things so much easier.

✅Last, I’ve updated my confirmation emails with important notes like this one: “I want to give you a heads up that due to Covid-19 I’ll be wearing a mask during the on-site tour and also request that you wear one when we’re together inside. Thank you in advance.“

I’m so excited to step back in with all these supports in place.  My clients get the royal treatment, I get to do the work I love and have it be easy, and everyone’s health and safety is considered.