It seems surreal that it’s the 4th of July already…

In our area, gatherings and celebrations are still being tempered by Covid-19, so the biggest holiday of summer feels a little bit like a dud.

Regardless, summertime is the season of action and energy.  You may not be tapping into it for as many road trips, barbecues and summer concerts, but there’s still plenty of fiery energy in the air to celebrate.

Take advantage of all this extra spark to finish up a project, magnetize your immediate surroundings, and deepen connections with your loved ones.

Don’t forget it’s a full moon and partial eclipse this weekend too, which adds even more power to the seasonal energies … and can bring lots of clarity about on any cloudy topic.

Feng Shui is all about stepping into the flow of natural energies around you.  Harnessing these summer seasonal energies can really help propel you forward.  And we could all use a little boost right about now, can’t we!!

Wishing you a safe and happy 4th,

– Kerri