It feels like the world as we know it has turned upside down because of the corona virus!  We’re  working and schooling and living from home.  It’s certainly feels like unsure footing!  But you can realign and ground in despite the unknowns.  Here are a few ideas to keep yourself aligned regardless of what’s going on all around:

1) Tune it out — shift your focus off of the news and your news feed and onto more uplifting activities and content.  Give your mind a distraction from the worry by reading, cooking, cleaning, creating, or even just watching funny videos on YouTube.  The less of your band width you dedicate to the situation, the better you’ll feel.

2) If you don’t do this already, here’s a perfect time to start:  Count your blessings!!  make this a daily activity where you give attention to all that is right and all the things you can be grateful for.  If you’ve been focused on the negative for a while, this may seem hard, but the more you focus on it, the easier it will be. It’s guaranteed to shift your mood and even what you attract into your reality.

3) Meditate daily.  You’re probably finding yourself with extra time if you’re not working.  Use it to start a positive daily practice that allows you to step out of and rise above the situation at hand.  In just a few days I bet you’ll feel calmer and have more clarity about the next best steps to take despite the uncertain times.

4) Get mad at the voice in your head that is keeping you on high alert.  Imagine those thoughts and worries are coming from someone else and TELL THEM TO ‘F’ OFF!  I’ve used this in recent years to take back my personal power over anxiety and panic attacks.  I hope it helps you find relief too.

I’ve used all of these techniques over the last few weeks, and guess what?  I has helped immensely.  I hope it helps you too.

What else have you been doing to keep yourself aligned and high vibe during this time?   I’d love to hear it in the comments.