It seems like many people are stepping into the world of video conferencing from home these days!

Did you know this is just like inviting all the participants into your home…

Meeting attendees may not be trudging their dirty shoes across your carpet but they are definitely infusing their attitude and energy into your space.

Conversations around intensely charged topics can leave some serious energetic residue behind.

Here are some ideas to help you protect your energy and your space from this :

– Pick one space to do the calls from – ideally further from your living and sleeping space.

-As you sit down to work imagine creating an energetic bubble around you to help contain all the energies.

-Smudge yourself and your work space before and after.

-If you have any crystals keep them nearby to help keep the energy up.

-Last, try to create a hard stop where you shut work and your computer down and do something to help shift and shed the energy of the day like a walk, a salt bath, yoga or meditating.

Give these energetic boundaries a try!