Today I told my very active and growing Feng Shui Facebook group community that I’m closing it down.

Facilitating the group is fun! It’s full of great people … but i realize it’s one more way that I’ve been spreading myself too thin.

It’s interesting how challenges like losing a loved one … and a forced stop/quarantine … end up being the perfect pause you need to figure out what priorities are out of order in life and work.

In essence, closing the group changes little, except that half of my to-do list disappears, and my ability to share and manage my Feng Shui messaging on social media becomes easier.

I’m also creating better boundaries around my personal Facebook profile, reserving that space for my family, close friends and close work connections…

So if you want to follow my Feng Shui work, tips and videos … if you want to be informed of upcoming Feng Shui webinars, events, programs and services … please take a moment to follow my Feng Shui Pathways business page:

Moving forward the business page will be the best place to access all of that information.

Your support of my work and business is so appreciated!