Yes … you can clear the energy of your surroundings all by yourself …
Just like I can clean my house all by myself ….
But I know that a professional house cleaner does a better job than me!
  • She shows up with all the tools she needs for all the messes
  • She cleans the areas I completely skip (like the toaster and the nook behind the trash can)
  • She has experience that makes her more efficient at tasks that I struggle through
My house gets clean on an entirely different level when a professional does the job .. and it’s the very same with Energy Clearing
When I show up to do an energy clearing, I’m doing it on a completely different level than most people:
  • I have access to more clearing tools and methods than many
  • I have more experience clearing various layers of energies and emotions
  • I have fewer blind spots and a higher set point because it’s my expertise
  • I bring a fresh perspective into the space – one that you can’t get because your deep in it all the time.
Energy clearing is much more than smudging!
  • If your space is feeling dull, heavy or stuck…
  • If your mind is cluttered or you can’t move forward…
  • If no one is getting along or life feels particularly challenging …
then a professional Energy Clearing is just what the doctor ordered:)