Whose starting to pull some warm weather accessories out of storage?!

Do you know which room I consider the most energetically and emotionally charged in your house?!

Your closet!!!

Your wardrobe/closet symbolize your deepest secrets

All the things you don’t want anyone else to know or see about you

Perhaps even things you don’t want to admit to yourself (skeletons anyone?!)

And your clothes are external symbols of the esteem you have for yourself

⚡️A physical representation of how you secretly feel about you and your worth

⚡️They hold memories of people, places, and events

⚡️This is stuff you can’t just dry clean away – no matter how hard you try!

Want to shift the energy of your closet and yourself quick?

Take advantage of the change of seasons and evaluate what’s hidden in your closet.

Really go deep with the things you keep

And truthfully release anything that doesn’t fully honor the real you

You’ll have more room in your closet

And the clothes that are left will feel fresh, authentic and high vibe!