Do you use affirmations to help you manifest what you want in your life and work?

You can magnify the energy of these affirmations by pairing them with the Feng Shui bagua map and powerful energetic enhancers.

The bagua map is like a treasure map to each of your spaces.

You can use it to find the energy centers in your home, or any individual room that correspond to each part of your life:

Work, Adventure, Creativity, Love, Fame, Money, Family, Wisdom and Health.

Write an affirmation for each of these 9 life areas.

Then use the bagua map to locate where each of these areas is in your home/workspace.

Place the written affirmations in each area.

Activate each affirmation using a symbolic enhancement – These could be general, like a crystal, a candle, or a photo – Or they can be very specific and reflective of your wishes/affirmation.

Example 1: Write an affirmation about Family Connections: “My family is happy and healthy”. Place this affirmation in the middle left section of your home. Place a photo of your family – all looking happy and healthy- on top of the affirmation.

Example 2: Write an affirmation about Fulfilling Work: “I am paid more than enough to work in a job that I love”. Place the affirmation in the front, middle section of your home (hint: this is often where the front door is located). Place a clipping of your perfect job description with the affirmation.

Example 3: Write an affirmation about Money/Prosperity: “I am rich and abundant in every way”. Place the affirmation in the back, left corner of your space. Place a jade, citrine or amethyst crystal on top of the affirmation.