Can you say gloomy?

I can feel the season changing and I’m not really all on board for it yet!

And this dreary weather is trying hard to bringing me down.

Here are some ways to shift the energy around you and cheer you up if you’re feeling the same way:

💡Turn on the lights. All of them! (But not the fluorescent ones! Those are not healthy for you). Lights are energy – they brighten your outlook immensely!

🚪Shake things up. Open the doors and windows, turn on a fan, wave a towel or dance and skip around the space. It will get some flow going and you’ll feel more energized instantly!

🎶Make some noise. Turn on some music, sing, play an instrument, bang a drum or a bell, or simple clap your hand for a few minutes. It will change the vibe of the space and you’ll feel a pick-me-up too.

🌸Make scents. Light a candle, burn some incense, diffuse some essential oils, or simmer herbs, spices or fruit peels on the stove. This is guaranteed to give you a quick emotional boost.

Which one are you going to try first?