Here’s a Feng Shui tip inspired by a conversation I had with a homeowner during an onsite consultation earlier this week.

The topic: Books… Lots and lots of books!

Have you ever really thought about the energy that books hold?

Here are some Feng Shui thoughts to keep in mind:

• Even though reading seems like a quiet activity, books are actually pretty loud energetically! Just think about all the times you’ve had a book sitting on your nightstand calling for you to pick it up and read. And have you ever felt the characters guilting you for not keeping up?!

• Some readers connect very deeply to the storyline and even feel like they befriend the characters in the book (or all the books!). That’s why it can be so hard to let go of the physical book long after the story has ended.

• Books are predominantly the wood element (paper is made of wood) and they easily absorb and hold the energy of situations and spaces around them. Significant numbers of books in a room can contribute to the space feeling heavy and stagnant and the people there feeling stuck too.

• Sometimes holding onto books can reflect a lack of trust! Do you really need to hold onto that book for the knowledge and tips inside it, or can you let it go and trust that you will recall what you need to and the universe will provide the rest 😉

If you’re distracted or frazzled, it may be time to lighten the load of the books you keep.

If you’re feeling rooted in and unable to move forward in life or any situation, releasing some books from your collection will create ease and flow.

And if you find it overwhelming to declutter a collection of books, work from it backwards: Instead of choosing what books to release first, go through and choose the 5, 10, or 25 “A list” books that you absolutely want to keep. Set those aside and then make another pass at the “B list” books. It will be easier:)

(Photo credit:  Sara Maida Photography)