Want to supercharge your September?!

Instead of digging in and working harder and longer, call on the power of the natural energies around you.

This week, invite in the potential of the New Moon to support your home and business with this powerful Feng Shui ritual:

On the day of the new moon (Friday 8/30), sweep your front walkway and steps.

Then mix the following into a bowl of warm water (use charged water if you have it):
1/2 cup of sea salt or epsom salt (for cleansing)
9 drops of rosemary essential oil (for protection)
9 drops of wild or sweet orange essential oil (for abundance)

Use this blend to gently wash down your front door, railings, door bell, knob and knocker.

As you do this practice, call to mind all the things that you want to invite in to your life as the moon goes full.

Visualize opening the front door and welcoming all of these things in over the coming weeks.

I always end up receiving money, a new client, or unexpected opportunity withing days of this practice!

Try it, and then tell me in the comments what kind of ease, magic and miracles to show up for you!

(Photo credit:  Sara Maida Photography)