Align Your Home With Abundance

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Align Your Home with Abundance

This free Feng Shui webinar was delivered LIVE on JUNE 20TH, 2022.

We covered so much in this webinar!  We really dug deep into how your surroundings can keep you out of alignment with the abundance and prosperity you seek.  

And then we talked about the parts of your home that most influence abundance and money flow, and what changes to make, to help you align with the energies that support abundance and prosperity.  

After listening in, I know you’ll see your home in a whole new way!  You’ll understand:

– what energetic blocks to look for and remove
– where to check for energy leaks that are draining your money potential too
– how to use your decor to call energy in and direct it where you need it to flow

I hope after listening in, you’ll be inspired to make some positive changes in your surroundings too:)

On the webinar I also let everyone know that there’s an extended payment plan option available for a VIP 1:1 Feng Shui and Energy Clearing package until June 30th.

If you’re ready to align with abundance once and for all, and you want to ensure that your space is aligned to help you, then I can help!

We’ll work together over 6 virtual sessions to set up your home and the energies around you so they help you have an energetic edge in life and business.  You’ll tap into uplifting and abundant energies that help you step into ease and financial flow once and for all.

Your space will feel so much better to be in and the energy will uplift and support you to align with a new level of abundance.

The extended payment plan option is only available until Thursday, June 30th at midnight EST.

If you’re ready to book, just choose one of the payment options below.  

If you’re not sure if 1:1 Feng Shui is right for you, or if you want to hear about other package options, send me a message at and we can discuss what’s right for you.

Happy Feng Shui-ing!


If you’re not ready for 1:1 support and want to just keep playing with what you’ve learned in the webinar, you may find my book “Feels Better.  Flows Better.  Feng Shui for Inspired Living” helpful.

It’s written with the beginner Feng Shui-er in mind.   and is full of information that supports what was covered above.


Thanks for listening in.  I hope you’re inspired to make positive changes in your surroundings now!

Happy Feng Shui-ing:)


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