POWER UP Your Money Mindset Work

Free Feng Shui Webinar

June 20th, 2023 

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POWER UP Your Money Mindset Work
Using Feng Shui

Free webinar – Tuesday, June 20th, 2023, 6:30-8PM EST



Are you doing lots of energy and mindset work to release money blocks and next-level your business and income?!

You can power-up your practice and the results that you get, when you use Feng Shui Feng Shui to energetically align your surroundings so they support and amplify the ‘work’ your doing!  

I see everyone doing all the things  … working harder and putting more out there … and also doing the the inner work and energy and mindset practices to release old money blocks.  

  EFT/tapping … abundance meditations … visualizations …  intuitive work … journaling …

 These practices support the new alignment you’re shifting towards … but if you’re doing them in a space that’s not energetically aligned, then it will make your practice harder and less effective.  

Join me for a free webinar: POWER UP Your Money Mindset Practices Using Feng Shui  on June 20th at 6:30-8 PM EST

During the webinar, we’ll  

    • Get clear on your the results you want from your energy and mindset practices
    • Uncover unsettled energies and  energy blocks in your surroundings and release them
    • Arrange and enhance your space so it amplifies the energy around you and your practice too


If we’re just meeting, I’m Kerri.  

I’ve bee practicing Feng Shui for almost 2 decades and I’m super passionate about showing you the connection between your surroundings and your success and prosperity.  

I hope to see you on the webinar.  Just pop your contact information into the sign up box below.  You’ll get all the details you need to join in delivered to your inbox.

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