Energy Clearing Packages

Available Onsite or Virtually

Clear out stale or negative energies from your environment , seal in blessings and set a protective boundary that keeps you and your spaces uplifted

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Clear away stagnant and uneven energies that are detrimental to your vitality and overall potential


Align the energies in your surroundings to feel lighter and in the flow of synchronicity


Set intentions for the blessings and energies that you’re inviting into your space and life


Create a protective and healing grid around your space

Uplift your space with an Energy Clearing

Do your surroundings feel heavy and stuck?

Everything is energy – including thoughts and emotions.  Is your home or work space retaining residual energy from challenging or negative situations?  If there has been lots of sadness, illness, fear, anxiety, anger or even grief going on for a while, this can impact the energy around you.  It creates a feeling of stickiness or heaviness that impacts how you feel when you’re in the space. Sometimes you may even get used to this sub-optimal feeling.  Clearing these negative energies can not only improve how you feel, how you sleep, and how productive you are at work but it can also allow you to manifest better things for you’re life, because you’ve surrounded yourself with a new energy that is more aligned with lightness, goodness and abundance.  

Identify items that are holding negative energies

Cut energetic cords connected to things, places and people

Break up stuck energies and create fresh circulation

Raise the vibration of the entire space

Make room for new abundance and opportunity

Call in sacred blessings for the occupants

Surround the space with protective energies

Feel lighter, happier and more prosperous

After working with Kerri I feel so much more calm and balanced in my home. I used to walk in and think “ughh so much stuff”, which isn’t true, we don’t have a lot of stuff. We have just what we need and I am thankful for having it. It’s like Santa, you have to believe to receive, and now I am a firm believer in welcoming prosperity and abundance into my home and amazingly I received 3 new clients in 2 days. It works!

Charleen Fariselli

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When is Energy Clearing helpful?

Energy Clearings can be done anytime but are especially important in any of these situations:

Anytime your space feels particularly stagnant

You’ll know it when you feel it – heavy, sticky, icky!

After any kind of extended emotional trauma in the space

The strong emotions that people express will dissipate into the surroundings and may need to be cleaned up if it occurs frequently. 

After a prolonged illness

Illness is a symptom of low energy.  It’s powerful to clean up afterwards on both the physical and energetic level. 

After a death in the space

An energy clearing can help alleviate the shock and heavy grief that builds up in a space after someone’s passing.  

When you're selling a home

Clearing the energy will remove your energetic imprint from the home so that potential buyers can better connect to the space.  It can also help you disconnect from the space and move on with ease. 

Anytime you're moving into a new space

Clear out the energy of any predecessors in th space and create a blank space that you can make your own.  Bless and protect the space, inviting in positive energies for your new life there.  

How It Works

Upon booking you’ll complete a short intake form where you can share your challenges and observations. 

For onsite clearings, Kerri will arrive with her clearing tools and will move through the space a few times for a complete clearing. 

For remote clearings, a video tour may be requested first and Kerri will communicate with you before and after the remote session.

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