Your HOME should HELP YOU SUCCEED in life and business!

Lately though, my home has been holding me back 😱

There are projects we haven’t gotten to yet that will help create comfort, ease, and help manage our clutter … and I realize we can’t put them off any longer, because I can feel it distracting me and slowing me down at work!!  I’ve got my measuring tape out and I’m coming up with a plan!

Is your home holding you back?

Here are just a few ways it might be slowing you down:


It’s not only getting in your way, it’s taking up some of your visual, mental and energetic bandwidth.  No wonder you’re drained and feeling disorganized!

You’ve already got a lot of things pulling at you, and this is just more to deal with.

Don’t push it to the bottom of the list though, because it’s blocking the flow of new business, opportunity and money!

Not only that, it’s whispering loudly at you all day every day and that is chipping away at you and your potential.

Make a plan to address it – maybe a stack at a time or 20 minutes a day.

You’l feel lighter as you let things go and you’ll be opening up physical and energetic space for better things to come your way.


Want to show up in your work as worthy, respectable and confident???  Then make sure all of your spaces are supporting that essence.

The underlying energy flow (that you can’t even see!) is affected by certain architectural features like entrances, big windows, long hallways, beams or columns, cathedral ceilings, and staircases.

Your proximity to these home elements is important, because if your in direct line with the  harsher flow that results from them, it can make you feel tired, overwhelmed, insecure, unfocused and in the long term could affect your overall health and happiness.

That’s probably not what you were going for!

But, there is a power spot in the room, where the energy flow is advantageous – helping you to feel supported, seen, confident and productive!

Arrange yourself correctly and you’ve just given yourself an edge over your day, your projects and even your competition!


Your space has a vibe about it and that vibe is either lifting you up or bringing you down.

The colors on the wall, the furniture and the decor all set the tone.  You can soften their affects or change things out to shift the way the space feels.

If you’re sitting in a space that feels dull and uninspiring, then your mood and output is going to start reflecting that too.

Be deliberate about your surroundings and set them up in a way that uplifts and fulfills you and the work you do.  Bring in items that inspire you, remind you of your goals and potential and make you feel like the boss of your life. So if you’re not feeling ‘on top of your game’ one day, you can look around and be reminded of your passion and purpose.

What changes do you need to make around you to help you move forward with ease in business?

Send me a message if you’d like to know how I can help you with any of it!

Happy Feng Shui-ing,

– Kerri