Your home influences your mood energy level and overall success! (Raise your hand if you agree!)
After a long cold winter your surroundings likely feel kinda blah …
But yay! This upcoming weekend marks the spring equinox and more warm weather and sunshine are imminent.
It’s time to shake off this long, cold and dark winter and welcome the sun and warmth back into your home, life and business!
The spring equinox marks a shift in energy from slow, quiet hibernation to rising energy, new growth and expansion.
You can use easy Feng Shui practices to harness this seasonal fresh energy to jumpstart the energy of your home and support the forward actions you’re taking.
Here’s a few ideas:
Physically and energetically clean your home to shake out seasonal stagnancy:
>Deep clean your home including shaking out curtains and rugs, dusting the corners, and washing the front door and windows
>Open the doors and windows to let in fresh air. Clap, ring a bell and/or smudge your home to clear away stagnant and stuck winter energies
Declutter your wardrobe as you switch seasonal clothes in and out.
Declutter your kitchen cupboards and release out of date foods and ingredients that are heavier for the season.
Diffuse some light, citrusy or floral essential oils through your space to raise the vibe and energize you while you’re there.
Add colorful plants inside and out – especially around your front entry and walkway.
Plant seeds! Yes, you can plant real seeds for things you want to grow during the season. Or just plant figurative seeds by dreaming or journaling about what you want to create and nurture during the warm-up.
You’ll encourage leaps forward in all parts of life when you clear away winter stagnancy and intentionally boost the energy around you.
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