One of my favorite mindset practices comes from Denise Duffield-Thomas. She’s a Money Mindset Mentor and author of several books on the topic.
Denise suggests creating two lists for yourself:
A “Economy Class” list and a “First Class” list.
The economy list is a a compilation of all the things in your life as they are now. The clothes you currently wear, the house you life in, the car you drive, your work, your relationship, your bank account balance … and so on …
It’s a snapshot of how things are today.
Then create a first class list – a list of all the things in your life as they would be if you were living your absolute best life.
Yeah, my first class list looks MUCH different than the current reality!
… tons of renovations to our house
… I’d definitely be driving a different car
… more travel
… a top notch RV for family fun
… plenty more shoe choices!
… generous donations to causes that are important to me
… hiring lots of support at home and work
Denise suggests that once you have your first class list in order, that you start looking for ways to incrementally upgrade parts of your life.
For example, I’m not building a custom closet for an amazing shoe collection, but I can find the right piece to organize and better care for the shoe’s I have now. Keeping my current shoes organized and honoring them better will make me feel better and create ease in my day (less searching for the other shoe!)
I may not be able to make huge donations at the moment, but I can make a few targeted small donations that make a difference to the cause, or I can donate my time generously instead. It will still give me the same feel good feelings. There’s no reason to wait.
I may not be traveling far and wide currently, but that doesn’t mean I can plan a trip in detail or read all about the places I want to visit. It will put me in the energy of those places which will help the manifestation of it.
I think the key in making this practice work positively, is to not dismiss your current ‘economy list’ because it isn’t good enough. It’s just a snapshot in time. It can change at any moment. And it’s powerful to still be grateful for where you are and what you have, even if you’re reaching for more.
Gratitude is of course the energy that magnifies attraction all together.
So go create your economy list. Spend some time in gratitude for what you have now. Then take some more time to envision your up-leveled, first class life. And see where you can incrementally start to upgrade things now.
Over time, you’ll slowly be raising the bar and raising your personal frequency to meet it.
If you can think it, you can attract it:)
Happy Feng Shui-ing,
– Kerri